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Digital Marketing & Website Management training to

TSH 500,000 TSH 250,000


The BeFound Digital Masterclass aims to give entrepreneurs and professionals the skills needed to help their businesses succeed online. You will learn how to design an effective digital marketing strategy and manage a business website from experts in the field. You will also receive a free domain, a free single page website, and free custom email addresses.

Join the next session at Smart Lab in Mikocheni on August 3, 2019, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Digital Marketing

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing channels
  • How to conduct research for strategy
  • Strategy workshop: your goals, define the brand, customer needs
  • Social media workshop: channels, content creation and scheduling, media buying, reports and analytics

Website Management

  • Introduction to Website Management
  • Why have a website
  • Importance of custom emails for business
  • How to pick a good domain name
  • SEO workshop: Monitor keyword rankings, Competitor research, Track incoming backlinks, Conduct keyword research

This program is for small and medium enterprise owners (SMEs), startup founders, and individual professionals in corporate and government who wish to create effective digital strategies that will lead to the growth of their businesses and brands by opening up online channels.

Business owners

  • Increase revenues for your business
  • Improve brand recognition for your business
  • Make your business more visible online
  • Make it easier for customers to find you online
  • Keep your customers engaged with your brand


  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Successfully launch new products digitally
  • Make your brand more visible online through SEO
  • Make it easier for clients to find you online
  • Keep your brand audience engaged with relevant content
Training methodology

Built on modern practical facilitation methods, the interactive workshops will utilize relevant and current examples from recognizable brands, practical exercises with a minimum amount of lectures. Participants will be able to apply the skills and knowledge they learn to their business strategy during the workshop

Training objectives

By the end of this course participants will be able to

  • Explain the fundamentals of owning and managing a website
  • Explain the fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Identify customer needs with respect to different digital channels
  • Create appropriate digital strategies depending on business goals, brand definition, and customer needs
  • Perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by monitoring keyword rankings, doing competitor research, tracking incoming backlinks, conducting keyword research, etc
  • Operate different digital marketing channels to grow their business
Extra Benefits

The participants will also receive

  • A free single page website
  • A free domain name and hosting for 1 year
  • Free custom business emails
  • Free SEO setup


Digital Marketing

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Current Digital Marketing channels
  • Digital Marketing trends and future
  • How to conduct research for your digital strategy
  • How to create effective strategies considering your goals, your brand, and customer needs
  • How to manage and grow your Social Media channels
  • Content creation and scheduling
  • Media buying
  • Reports and analytics

Website Management

  • Website Management basics
  • Current Web trends
  • Why have a website?
  • Importance of custom emails for business
  • How to pick a good domain name
  • How to perform SEO by monitoring keyword rankings, doing competitor research, and tracking incoming backlinks


The BeFound Digital Masterclass will be facilitated by experts in the field who have successfully handled campaigns for big and small brands alike.

Gillsant Mlaseko

Digital Marketing Expert

Gillsaint Mlaseko is an experienced Digital Marketer, especially in creating and executing social media strategies to grow brands and make them more relevant in the digital age. His company, Swahili Digital, helps businesses define and develop digital strategies that follow a structure, people and ideas and that have real ROI outcomes.

Zainab Abdallah

Digital Marketer

Zainab Abdallah is a digital marketer and expert at account management. She handles clients' accounts and executes their digital marketing strategies. She is also versed at content marketing and knows how to create the kind of content that will go viral by resonating with the brand’s audience. Zainab is also a social media expert and will be facilitating the social media workshop in this program.

Juliana Shao

Digital Developer

Juliana Shao is currently the digital developer at Smart Codes. She is versed at performing competitor research, tracking incoming backlinks, conducting keyword research, and monitoring keyword ranking to ensure that brand websites come up at the top of search results every time. Juliana is responsible for creating the Media Monitoring tool Primus and has a lot of knowledge on what kinds of content and website setup ranks best with popular search engines. She will conduct the SEO workshop and help you become more discoverable online leading to more revenues and brand recognition.

David Lyimo

Senior Web Developer

David Lyimo is a Senior Web Developer with a lot of experience creating some of the most stunning websites for big brands and startups including LIC, Smart Codes, Smart Lab, Blast Monitoring tool, and many other businesses. David is passionate about technology, website development, startups, and security online. He will be facilitating the website development workshop in this training program and will take people through website concepts and help them craft the perfect website for their business.


Register to join the BeFound Digital Masterclass on August 3, 2019. Afer submitting your contact information, one of our team members will contact you to confirm your booking.


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